Kate Ceberano and Paul Grabowsky have taken their longstanding friendship to the next level with the release of their debut album Tryst, to be released on Friday 3 May.

As an award-winning jazz singer, Ceberano has lived the rock-star life jazz vocalists dream of. Conversely, Grabowsky’s contribution to the Australian musical landscape has taken him down many roads; his famous saying, “the piano never lies” is still echoed.

The seed for this musical dalliance was planted more than 20 years ago with a one-off St Valentine’s Day show at the legendary Melbourne venue The Continental. Little did they know from that performance would grow a close and enduring friendship. Revisiting the theme decades later brings with it the impact of love and loss we all endure – experiences that form who we are and how we express ourselves. Cebrano and Grabowsky lay bare their own emotions on this warm, heartfelt ode to love lost, found and unrequited.

Tryst is a very personal journey into words and music by two of Australia’s most respected musicians reinterpreting of some of the great love songs of our time. Kate and Paul deliver achingly, soulful renditions of songs that connect on a deep emotional level and have influenced both of them at some point in their lives.  The repertoire is as diverse as love itself. One moment diving into 60s pop with Cilla Black then 80s Aussie rock with the Divinyls, then flirtation with jazz and chanson.

Ceberano’s vocals are raw and heartfelt and Grabowsky provides inspired spontaneous arrangements so rich in colour you could swear there is a band working behind him. Their musical connection is such that they respond instantaneously to what the other offers, enjoying the interaction that only the bond of so many years brings. Their honesty and connection is palpable. Their tryst is no longer a secret.

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