Thirty years in business as a woman is monumental. Brisbane’s Jano Dawes celebrates 30 years in business this month – as a businesswoman, business owner, business generator, employee, leader, mentor, boss lady, and magic maker. She is the founder, owner, director and risk taker, strategic mind and creative powerhouse behind the multi-award-winning and nationally acclaimed company, The Prop House (TPH).

Dawes started the Brisbane-headquartered company, now one of the most recognised event creators, theming strategists and visual merchandisers in the country. She now resides over three extraordinary businesses – The Prop House, VM+ which she launched in 2012 off global forecasting trends and represents the ever-growing world of visual merchandising, and the third company, Christmas Decorations Brisbane (CDB), an online Christmas shopping and styling elf. She has worked with more than 5500 clients in creating some $40 million in events and design installations throughout South East Queensland.

Since 1995, The Prop House and VM+ has employed more than 1000 full-time and casual staff, representing a huge economic injection to the Brisbane economy. Her reputation precedes her, after all that she has done for the brand, it is trusted, believed and sought out and it sure is safe to say that it is a competitive industry. Three children and a supportive partner who keeps her going and let her stand her ground are Dawes’ daily motivation to get up and get out there. She has created, curated and crafted theming, design, event statements and conferencing experiences for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, individual operators and for businesses across the spectrum of industry. She has been pivotal in establishing Brisbane on the map as a new world city and stunning event venue.

The three key reasons she believes she has survived in business for 30 years are relationships, delivery, and creativity. “I believe in building and nurturing real relationships in business, so don’t cross people, be honest, pay what you owe, try to remember names, create to a client brief and be real,” she said. “Secondly delivery in business is vital – do what you say you are going to do each time, take responsibility for your work and employ the right people and thirdly, creativity is our currency, more heads around a design are better than one and ultimately make a better result, always believe in ‘wow’ and go that little bit further.”

Dawes predicts the next 30 years to look like a speed of business, value significance, technology-driven everything, and a return to celebration.

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