Tomi Cao is the Australian-Vietnamese, Brisbane-based entrepreneur behind saymêgrace, a brand that reinvigorates the tea drinking experience by making concoctions that encourage mindfulness across the community.

Cao launched saymêgrace in 2021 with one simple goal, to encourage progress over perfection, encouraging the community to take life one sip at a time and have fun along the way. Unlike other tea brands, saymêgrace is invested in reinventing and reinvigorating the way people drink the world’s second favourite beverage, ensuring the tea-drinking experience is always fun.

Growing up in poverty inspired Cao to give her customers the opportunity to give back with every sale, making a positive difference in the world. She wanted to create a brand with a unique message about beauty from within, and was able to combine her passions of tea, beauty, and wellness when creating these blends. The premium artisanal custom tea blends are made locally in Australia using fresh ingredients.

Each blend is uniquely designed by Cao with the help of her team of certified Tea Masters and Herbalists. Infused with skin-loving ingredients, they are handcrafted to help nourish holistic beauty and wellness from the inside out. Cao created saymêgrace to help with her own mental health struggles, showcasing that drinking tea helped create the habit of being kind to herself, and she hopes that through creating saymêgrace she will inspire others to do the same.

The name saymêgrace was inspired by the Vietnamese word “say mê” which translates to passion, to be mesmerised by something or to be in pursuit of a certain goal. Cao wanted to encourage individuals to associate mindfulness with a pleasurable experience. She is pursuing the goal of helping individuals recognise and fall in love with the individuals they are. Because beauty is more than skin deep, it starts with a healthy mind.

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