The Strong Woman Project was created by Alicia Fistonich to empower all women to embrace being strong and beautiful by the creation of a calendar with women empowerment at the forefront. To Alicia, the project is not only about photography but it is about capturing the essence of the beauty and strength that radiates from women, with the aim of inspiring and empowering not only them but all of the women who will see the photo and to demonstrate that women do not need to be objectified to feel strong and beautiful.

All of the women in the calendar who were involved in the project lift weights and have shared their stories about how this type of training has helped them mentally, physically and emotionally in the hopes of inspiring other women to do the same and feel the same strength these women have. To celebrate the launch of the calendar, Strong Woman Project is hosting an event at Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen on Saturday 3 November. “This event is aimed at not only empowering other women to see what they are capable of, it is about bringing light to a new perspective, idea and movement about women in the fitness industry and the myriad of over sexualised ideologies that still exist. We want to empower all women to be strong, and be proud to be strong,” Alicia explains.

Strong Woman Project will work with Friends with Dignity, a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on supporting those who have been affected by domestic violence in hopes of helping them rebuild their lives. Proceeds from the Strong Woman Project calendar and the event launch will be donated to Friends with Dignity.

At the event, photos will be available for purchase and there will also be a lucky door prize and raffle tickets. In addition, guest speakers from the women who participated in the project will share their stories, as well as speeches from Friends with Dignity and Strong Woman Project’s sponsors.

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