Angel Aesthetics founder Sylvia Crouch is passionate about precise and natural-looking injectables and treatments. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Nursing (Registered Nursing), Graduate Certificate in Cardiology/Coronary Care Unit (Princess Alexandra Hospital), and Fundamentals of Cosmetic Injectables operated by one of Australia’s most renowned plastic surgeons.

With a passion for symmetry and an eye for detail, Sylvia ensures all patients’ expectations are delivered. She believes in natural-looking results and that good injectables are not visible injectables – your family and close friends may notice but strangers should not. With skills and unique internationally acclaimed techniques exclusive to the Angel Aesthetics clinics, like her signature lip filler and non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, she has patients fly interstate and internationally for her treatments. A true expert, Sylvia treats on average 80 patients a week and has now performed over 15,000 procedures.

Sylvia continually trains with industry leaders, obtaining internationally-recognised industry certificates. She imparts her wisdom and skills to the next generation of the aesthetics field through the Angel Aesthetics Institute, which she founded in 2020. The Institute aims to lift the quality of education and training in Australia.

Sylvia’s patient list includes a long list of celebrities and highly respected content creators such as Anna Paul, Lily Brown and Tarsha Whitmore. For the last three years, Angel Aesthetics has consecutively won the Australian Business Enterprise Award for ‘Best Cosmetic Clinic Queensland’.

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