Tanya Somerton is a Divorce Strategist who is obsessed with the seamless parting ways of married couples.  Knowing first hand how distressing it can be when your happily ever after goes horribly wrong, Tanya strives to help her clients put the piece’s of their lives back together, so that the decisions they make today, don’t impact their tomorrow.

After having experienced what seemed to be an uncoordinated approach to her divorce, Tanya set about to learn how to streamline the process for others and prevent costly mistakes, establishing Divorce Angel in 2016.  Divorce Angel has helped Tanya to assist people who are fighting for their identity after separation, explaining to clients that they will not always feel this way and that the emotions that have surfaced will dissipate with time.

Coming from a corporate background in operations, project and risk management and financial services, Tanya channels these skills into sculpting a successful divorce for her clients.

Working with clients from all over Australia, Tanya has now helped 100’s and 1000’s of people.  She has formed panels of experts to help guide her clients and streamline the process and in 2017, released her first book “The Jelly Bean Jar- Empowering Independence through Divorce”.  Tanya also released a podcast “The Divorce Angel Podcast” which was voted one of the top 20 podcasts in the world in 2019.

Tanya believes responsibility is power, and is now a contributor to industry discussions and panels, positioning herself with new age lawyers and working to change the way divorce is done.

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