Katrina Ruth believes that success – both personally and professionally – is about being bold, brilliant and brave. Growing up, Katrina always believed she was born to do more and be more; to be the best at whatever she tackled. As founder of The Katrina Ruth Show, an entrepreneur, business coach and writer, Ruth coaches and motivates other business people to trust their own ability to be great. The Katrina Ruth Show’s edgy style teaches the skills that help achieve goals with authenticity and passion.

From her base on the Gold Coast, Ruth reinvented herself as a dynamic leader of business growth mentoring and support. Ruth has published more than 50 self help books, which have mostly achieved the Amazon best-sellers status, had 13 years of experience in online business and garnered 135,000 online followers.

At 26, Ruth undertook drastic life changes, leaving her marriage, management job and home to create a better life for herself. Ruth began blogging and building an online fitness coaching business. Here, she contradicted industry conventions such as the food pyramid and her following began to grow at an impressive rate. “A lot of people thought I was a troublemaker because I wasn’t sticking to the script. But I was just telling the truth,” said Ruth.

Following the birth of her daughter in 2009, Ruth decided to focus on her blog full-time under the name Kat Loterzo. As her online honesty continued, Ruth held onto one secret – she had bulimia. A disease Ruth refers to as “the disease of the driven woman.” Katrina started binge eating when she was 19. After reading about how some girls make themselves sick, she decided to try. For a decade, Ruth suffered with bulimia. Ruth appeared to be successful and happy but binge eating and purging disrupted her life. The fitness industry perpetuated the guilt that came with the eating disorder. “My clients were successful, professional women and many had the same problem. It’s like bulimia is… a way to alleviate the pressure we put on ourselves.”

To come to terms with and grieve the disease, Ruth wrote her first self help book, The Secret Life of a Binge Eater. As Ruth grew her online business, she became a sales and marketing coach. Ruth’s mission is to help her clients find who they are and celebrate the amazing feeling of becoming just that. There’s no trick; the truth is, to achieve success, you need to be brutally honest with yourself about what your true purpose in life is and how that is put into action. There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer, but without the strategic tools that turn dreams into viable, profitable realities, those dreams can only take you so far…

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