Local historian, Libby Wager is a 6th generation Queenslander.  From her own experience and that of her forebears and their neighbours, she has over many years compiled a huge resource of information and sourced historical images connected with the various western suburbs of Brisbane.

Libby is releasing a new edition of her book “Focus on Pullenvale”, which she originally compiled  in 1988, with additional text and some new, upgraded images sourced by the Kenmore and District Historical Society, as well as original photographs and information collected by the Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre.  The book has been reproduced in 2019 to remind some, and enlighten others about the priceless heritage. Frequently quoted in it is the ‘Wager’s Ageless Series’ – Libby’s 1350 page index of historic information and images compiled over the years, much of which out of print or is difficult to access.

Ron Tooth, who Libby worked with on the initial book said “this book gives brief glimpses of some events and people who helped shape the district from humble beginnings.”

Due to a dream of Ron Tooth and Libby Wager (Ron as principle and Libby as aide for their new venture), nearly forty years ago there grew an exciting complex of educational assets that enabled teachers, students and the community to better understand what has happened in the past and, equally important, what might be an influence in the future. In 1982 the Pullenvale Field of Study Centre (now Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre) came into being, charged with the responsibility of examining the local natural, cultural and historic environments.

“Focus on Pullenvale” was launched on November 28th at at Seasons Sinnamon Park this year and Libby is planning new books for the coming years that include new material of stories still untold.

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