Saymêgrace, an independent, female-led Australian company founded by Vietnamese born Tomi, developed the range of wellbeing teas after overcoming her own mental health hurdles.

Tomi said, “One fantastic cuppa blew my mind. I learned that when done right, tea was a sensory delight to be enjoyed, dare I say, a total explosion of flavours that awaken your senses.”

Saymêgrace reminds individuals to take life one sip at a time, focusing on progress, rather than perfection. Her premium, artisanal, custom tea blends are made locally in Australia using only the freshest ingredients, each blend is uniquely designed to nourish your holistic beauty and wellness from the inside out.

“As someone who’s battled with mental health issues for the longest time. I’ve fallen-head-over-heels in love with the kindness behind brewing myself a soothing cup of tea, warmly tucked away between my hands and spending that quiet time with God. In some ways, tea helped me be still and served as a reminder to be kind and give myself grace when my mind has other ideas. That was my kind of beauty ritual.”

The new range of organic, loose leaf tea is free of microplastics and agri-chemicals and provided to customers in a recyclable package. The business uses eco-friendly packaging, carbon neutral delivery service and assures consumers that all ingredients are natural and ethically sourced. “Tea helped me create the habit of being kind to myself – I created saymêgrace to inspire others do the same.” Tomi says.

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