Canadian born Software Executive and former Flight Attendant Christine Keeling likened the atmosphere inside an airplane cabin to worse on her skin than the worst winter at home. Her biggest challenge was spending 24 hours in transit across 11 time zones and being expected to waltz into a meeting looking fresh and credible.

“As a software executive representing North American organisations in the Asia Pacific market, I spent a lot of time flying back and forth between Australia and the US,” she said. “Anyone who has taken those flights knows that they are a shocker – 14 to 17 hours just for the LAX piece – plus wherever you have to transit to next. For me it was always five or six additional hours in the air plus layover time to get to final destination.”

Keeling was sick of looking and feeling parched, exhausted and dull in the low humidity of an aircraft cabin. However after searching all airports, Keeling could not seem to find an in flight product to cater to her skin woes; so she created her own. “There are lots of travel size kits available but they are really designed for use at destination, where you have fresh running water, towels and all of the other things that you would find in a hotel bathroom. None were designed specifically for use in the constraints presented in-flight. We looked in every airport duty free shop, at all of the usual skin care retailers, online….nothing. And I was asked about my kit by both crew and other passengers, and saw other women doing what I was doing – scrambling through duty free on the way to the gate – looking for something that was going to save them.”

Long Haul Spa contains eight 15 milliliter products formulated in New Zealand specifically for use in the rarefied aircraft cabin environment, sanitizing wipes and dehydrated towels for use with the products, all in a beautiful Louenhide bag. Including a Cleansing Micellar Water, Eye Balm, Lip Balm, Moisturing Creme Balm, Rejuvenating and Protecting Facial Oil, Serum Sorbet, Super Hydrating Gel Face Mask and Super Saturating Face Mist.  Everything about the collection has been done with TFSA standards in mind, right down to the one litre clear plastic bag, included just in case. These vegan, paraben free, cruelty free and suitable for sensitive skin products were given the test flight with women all around the globe in September and October 2018.

Discussions are in various stages with duty free organisations, and airlines for inclusion in loyalty programs. “I think that there would be something really exciting about being able to order Long Haul Spa when you book your flight and then have it delivered to your seat before the doors close. It makes that flight experience so much more special, and it is an interesting points spend option as well.” said Keeling.

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