Gold Coast artist Amber Kingi draws inspiration directly from her surroundings and everyday experiences to frame moments that would otherwise go unnoticed in their original context. She paints figures as ‘silhouettes’ encouraging viewers to imagine themselves in the scenes. Kingi’s colours are soft and complementary, with primary pops.

With native women as her focal point, she describes her paintings as representing the wild nature in every person. Her creation are strong, beautiful and alive, with her characters exuding creativity, intuition, power, tenacity and courage. Kingi depicts these traits to remind people that they are not only the elements of her ancestors that braved the wild, but these are characteristics which thrive with a wild light within all people.

She largely works with acrylic paint on canvas, a medium that allows her to build layers and texture, particularly with her fingers. Kingi is fond of the softer, less deliberate look this achieves, as well as how it allows her to get closer to the act of creating. Just as one would take their shoes off to feel the grass under their feet. Five pieces in her portfolio are currently being featured at the 19KAREN Contemporary Artspace entitled, How was your day Sweetheart, Pots and Plants, Save me a Dance, Fruit Salad and Pina Coladas.

The Artspace is the largest contemporary art gallery on the Gold Coast, representing more than 70 international and Australian artists of various styles and genres from Urban and Street art to Pop art, Expressionism, Contemporary Figurative and Abstract to Realism, Surrealism and Pop Surrealism, all enmeshed into one big white cube space in a 380 square meter converted warehouse. The fundamental aspect of the gallery is to provide the viewer with an exciting experience when entering the space, one which is full of colours and beauty.

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