A group of Redlands Coast women are speaking up for their businesses, having learnt the secrets to voice control from expert voice coach Sally Prosser, sharing her tips to help women achieve “voquality” at the Alexandra Hills Hotel on Wednesday 6 February

Sally was the keynote speaker at the Women’s Network Australia (WNA) event, boasting an extensive background in media, speech and drama. “Voquality is a word I made up and it’s all about the role our voices play in achieving equality,” Sally said. “When you have confidence in your voice, you have the courage to use it in those moments that really matter. You’ll be able to speak up for yourself, speak up for your business and speak up for others.”

WNA is the longest running membership-based organisation for entrepreneurial, micro and small business women and holds regular events in the Redlands. WNA Chief Executive Officer Janelle Bostock said local business women were achieving great success but many still found it difficult to “hold the room” when speaking to large groups. “Learning how to control your voice and use it to best effect is all part of being a business leader,” she said. “It was great for our women business leaders to learn how to make the most of their vocal abilities.”

Sally said: “There are many vocal habits women tend to adopt which don’t help us. Habits like the constant rising inflection, which I call the sound of insecurity; vocal fry, which I call the Kim Kardashian effect; and then there’s that deep voice women often put on to sound more ‘manly’ when really they just sound fake! With a bit of knowledge, training and practise every single person can improve their voice and make better impact every time they speak”.

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