Tracey Watkins is the owner of the successful Brisbane based lifestyle brand, White Label Noba. The business has been running for eight years and is a testament to what you can achieve with hard work, dedication and an innate sense of style. A “change in life direction” and a vision to dress plus-size women in beautiful pieces saw Tracey transition from her interior design business and start her luxe lifestyle brand. When the collection resonated with women of all shapes and sizes, she designed the range to include petite to plus. White Label Noba has continued to thrive, is stocked nationally and has its signature store in Brisbane’s Hawthorne.

It’s a growth best attributed to Tracey’s instinctive understanding of what women want. She can often be seen about town in one of her own designs, the perfect embodiment of the label’s ‘Wear It Live It Love it’ philosophy. But she remains modest about its success. “It’s amazing how we’ve got to where we are. It started with concept sketches at the kitchen bench then moved to the spare bedroom of our apartment and quickly outgrew that, and the rest is history.” Constructed from luxurious fabrics and natural fibres, the beauty of White Label Noba lays in its simplicity. Feminine silks and cottons coupled with artisan pieces inform a design which nods to a relaxed lifestyle, while the slightest touch of glamour carries the White Label Noba woman from day to night.

Each piece is imbued with Tracey’s own spirit and style. It’s a design process which harks back to when she was young. “As a child I wouldn’t leave the house unless my dress and ribbons matched. It’s just always been within me.” While Tracey is at the heart of every collection she cannot quite place her finger on where they come from. “I think it’s inherently in me. It can be from anything. Fashion inspiration comes from everywhere.” Whatever it is, it’s working. Tracey is incredibly grateful to have been embraced by women from all walks of life and have the personal satisfaction of doing what she loves at this stage in her life.

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