Carla Wall, managing director of Construction Industry Solutions (COINS), has been awarded the 2018 Greater Brisbane Woman in Business of the Year Award on Friday 21 September. Designed to recognise and honour exceptional businesswomen, the award celebrates women who possess entrepreneurial drive, leadership, and tenacity with the ultimate goal of being role models for other women.

Carla said it was an honour to receive such esteemed recognition and she was proud of driving COINS Australia’s significant achievements. “COINS Australia has enjoyed rapid business growth and undergone transformative cultural change in which I have strategically introduced initiatives to support and attract women to the typically male dominated software and construction industries,” she said. “The awards process provides a means of quantifying, qualifying and celebrating the successes I have achieved and the challenges I have overcome. Being nominated and then winning, has both inspired me and also reinforced how far I, and the team, have come.”

A big believer in female empowerment, Carla strategically introduced initiatives to support and attract women into the typically male-dominated industry of software and construction. This change made a cultural shift in the workplace, with COINS now employing more than 50 per cent women. With her team behind her, and in just one year, Carla increased new business at COINS Australia by 22 per cent and secured one of Australia’s largest ERP solution deals. Since starting with the company in 2012, she has increased business turnover by 100 per cent and doubled the headcount.“Change has to start somewhere and what we have achieved at COINS Australia is a great example of how women can be empowered and encouraged – we have an inclusive team, where women are supported by men and men are supported by women,” she said. “The Women in Business Awards provides a powerful platform to celebrate female leaders, applaud their success and contribution to business, and inspire future generations of smart, innovative and successful individuals to achieve great things, while challenging industry norms around equality and diversity,” Ms Wall said.

Carla said she plans to continue to work hard in order to inspire the next generation of smart, innovative and successful individuals who are unafraid to challenge industry norms around equality and diversity. “I am so humbled, this award is a real testament to the hard work myself and my team have put in over the years.”

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