Thousands demanded equal rights and safer streets at the Women’s March Sydney at Hyde Park South on Sunday 20 January.

The march themed ‘Women’s Wave’ began in Hyde Park with MC Yumi Stynes leading guests speakers Indigenous Community Leader Aunty Norma, Indigenous queer artist-activist Bhenji Ra, Immigrant Women’s Speakout Jane Brock, author of Eggshell Skull Bri Lee and Head Editor of Junkee Media Rae Johnston.

Chanting “What do we want? Safe streets. When do we want them? Now”, the crowd marched to Belmore Park in a show of power, strength and unity for a Feminist Fair, showcasing partner organisations like Safe State NSW, Amnesty International and fEMPOWER, and performers including Des Fleurs, Malaika Green and Body Type.

The event coincided with Women’s March rallies being held around the world.

Now in its third year, the Women’s March was first born in the United States after the election of of Donald Trump. It is a worldwide protest against bigotry, misogyny and discrimination with the first march taking place on 21 January 2017. The Sydney march is organised in support of quality, civility and justice, hoping to make the world a safer, more just and civil place.

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