Twenty-four year old Zoe Davies has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) since her mother lost her 15-month battle with the illness last year. Suzie Wright was the CEO of Digga, and since her passing last year, Digga and her family have collectively donated more than $87,000 to OCRF.

After losing her mother, Zoe shares the impact that Suzie’s life had, and will continue to have. “When someone passes away, no matter the age or circumstance, it leaves a hole in the lives of those people that knew them—something that is never replaced no matter how hard you look,” said Zoe. “When it’s a life of someone who lived so fully and passionately, both personally and professionally, the hole continues to spread wider and touch deeper.  My mum, Suzie Wright, was one of those people. She was fiercely passionate, outspoken and achieved more in her 49 years than some would in two lifetimes.

“Over the past two years, through Suzie’s 15-month cancer battle and the aftermath of her passing, as a business but more so as a family, we are focused on raising awareness and starting the conversation on what can be done to work towards preventing this terrible disease of touching as many as it currently does.”

Alongside OCRF, Zoe is raising awareness for World Ovarian Cancer Day on Wednesday 8 May, which is also Witchery’s White Shirt Day. This year marks the 11th White Shirt campaign, hinging on the power and importance of vital research needed to ensure women everywhere are free from the threat of ovarian cancer.

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