Beautiful and intricate in detail Pip Spiro’s current solo exhibition ALL HER GLORY is her largest collection of paintings to date. Her exhibition is vivid and meticulously detailed using watercolours to depict botanical flora.

Pip’s newest artworks intend to liberate the viewer. “Ultimately, I am striving to make art that serves as respite, a reprieve. My intention is to liberate the viewer to an embodied state of appreciation, stillness and contemplation of the beauty in the natural world available to us all — Mother Nature, in all her glory,” said Pip.

In 2011, Pip took a leap of faith and left the corporate world of advertising to pursue her love of art, after completing a degree in Business Management at the University of Queensland. Her leap was certainly rewarding. Pip has since had exhibitions in both Brisbane and Sydney and her work has been held in collections around Australia and the world. “The relentless plight of innovation, abstraction and complexity lead me towards this series of ‘portraits’ of inanimate, natural forms – flora, fruits, shells – in an attempt to counter the overwhelm and pace ever-present in today’s society and instead foster the undeniable human connection we have to the glorious beauty of the Earth,” says Pip. “I believe it is no coincidence that we experience such a visceral pull to the world around us; after all, the Earth that proffers a perfect rose is the same one that ultimately created and sustained our evolution as a race.  Our source is one and the same.”

Her latest works are centred on sheets of cotton rag paper. Her paintings are intricate in detail and realism. The works are scaled up in size allowing the viewer to seem closer to mother nature and the beauty in the natural world around them. Pip’s exhibition is now showing at James Street, Fortitude Valley until Saturday 28 July.

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