First-time Australian author Tracey Horton has taken out the highly-prestigious Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award at the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India.

The Women Economic Forum is one of the largest global gatherings of female entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide, and is held annually in India, with regional events throughout the year. Women Economic Forum events empower women to expand their business opportunities and increase their global influence through peer exchange and networking across borders with inspirational input from some of the world’s most successful authors and speakers. “To receive recognition for my work in the company of such exceptional women from all over the world at the Women Economic Forum was an incredible honour, and it is something that I will always treasure,” said Horton. “My work in helping people improve their lives on a daily basis is a reward in itself, but to be recognised for it is one of the crowning accomplishments of my career. I couldn’t be happier.”

A highly sort-after motivational speaker and life coach, Horton’s self-published first offering, The Unhappy Smile has achieved critical and commercial success internationally. The book is a confronting, yet inspiring and uplifting account of how Horton overcame childhood abuse and hurt, emerging gracefully and lovingly on to calm waters after navigating unimaginable turbulence early on in life.

Tracey has packed the book with deep insights into understanding one’s self and others, with unashamed references to her own experiences with abuse and brokenness. “I have laid out my life in The Unhappy Smile, there is no room to hide after this,” said Horton. “The book is an example of a simple, normal woman who found some answers. It’s a self-help book with my story woven through it, there are exercises at the end of every chapter to help readers work through their own challenges.”

Not one to wallow in self-pity, Horton has always had an unshakable compassion for others, and helping and inspiring people has long been a passion for this gifted communicator. “When I think of this book, I imagine people young and old, men and women – all reading it. I can see it on coffee tables and in airports. I can see teenagers talking to their parents over it, and I can see couples reconciling through it,” said Horton.

The Unhappy Smile is the first of three books to be released, and contains a strong thread guiding its readers toward becoming the very best versions of their authentic selves. The Unhappy Smile has already attracted a celebrity following, with country music star Adam Brand crediting the book, and Horton herself, with changing his life. “I needed to read this book, you need to read this book, the whole world needs to read this book,” Adam said. “As a speaker, Tracey has the ability to cut through the chatter of life and speak directly to your soul. She is brutally honest and fiercely passionate, meeting her will change your life.”

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