Introducing Baller Blends: the healthy, tasty formula to create your own raw balls at home

Brisbane based foodipreneur, Kylee Collings has launched a new concept into the health food sector: Baller Blends. Capitalising on the popularity of raw ball healthy snacks which have taken Australia by storm, she has created her own special blends of tasty ingredients so Australians can create their own healthy balls at home. Rather than having to rely on already made balls purchased in cafes, supermarkets and health food shops you can now blend up your own fuss-free.

Baller Blends are satchels of goodness packed full of all the nutritious, delicious natural ingredients you’ll ever need including the coconut oil. All you have to do is Pour, Stir in H20 and your fave sweetener then roll into balls. The product range includes three delicious flavours: Cookie Dough-Licious, Mint-To-Be and Ferrero-No-Share.

The delightful treats can be enjoyed in so many ways – as a lifesaver for social gatherings or unexpected visitors, to fuel pre work-out, as a lunchbox staple, wholesome picnic treat or workday snack for busy professionals and people on the go.

Collings recognised that the demand for raw balls in Australia is growing, as consumers follow healthier lifestyles, and want to be confident in the ingredients of what they are feeding themselves and their families. As increasingly time-poor families do not have the time to bake from scratch, they often default to packaged snack foods such as muesli bars, but often these can have extremely high levels of added sugar, refined carbohydrates and fat.

While there are a selection of protein balls available at health food stores and supermarkets, Kylee’s research showed that these were expensive, often packed with sugar and incredibly dense. But the worst part is that they lack the flavour that people long for when reaching for an afternoon snack. Kylee plans to disrupt the protein ball mix market and create a diverse range of flavours that mix nostalgia with a hearty dollop of nutrition.

Baller Blends are now available for purchase online at: Follow Baller Blends on Instagram here for flavour inspiration.

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