A force to be reckoned with in realms R&B and hip hop, singer-songwriter and producer Squidgenini (pron. Squid-jeh-ni-ni) has officially released her highly anticipated new single, Trigger Me. Having quickly established herself as a premiere producer and vocalist in the Australian music scene in 2016, her newest drop shows her technical range and vocal dexterity.

A true breaker of boundaries, she creates magic with ease blending her unique palette of alt-pop and R&B forging her own unique sound in the industry. Flexing her artistic ability and technical producing know-how she creates multi-faceted sonic soundscapes with trademark smooth, sultry beats and ethereal vocals. Squidgenini explains her inspiration for her latest single came as an ode to platonic intimacy. “To those friendships that blur the lines holding up the ‘hierarchy of relationships’ we all seem to adhere to in our day to day lives. May we transcend the internal structures that keep us from developing real intimacy with our friends and family. May we break through the moulds we built for ourselves and discover every kind of love,” she said.

Her evolution to her current status in the industry comes off the back of her successful debut single Fire, followed by Alligator and Watched By U, quickly gaining the support of Triple j, Purple Sneakers and The Ladies Network. After laying the groundwork for an alternative pop career she has earned a reputation for being a killer live act, supporting trailblazers like Nai Palm, Kilo Kish, Japanese Wallpaper and ABRA, and taking stage at festivals like Jungle Love and Deadlam in QLD.

Her new creative vision, ‘Trigger Me’ paints a detailed image of her sound and acts as a perfect introduction to the artist. Her EP is due for release in early 2020.

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