Since 2014, Scarlett Hrlec has made it her mission to create a skincare brand that is not only built on natural ingredients but ingredients that are beneficial. Her vision unknowingly unfolded in the confines of her bathroom, where she began to formulate her first product for her skin care brand, Blackout Mask.

The philosophy behind Blackout was the discovery that many Australian face masks lacked natural ingredients, were difficult to use and were missing what Scarlett considers to be a vital ingredient – activated charcoal. “I wanted to create not only natural products that are good for the skin, but are also a mess free masking experience. When I first started playing around with charcoal I had no idea the benefits and the potentials it carried. Blackout mask products contain activated charcoal because it helps draws out and absorb dirt and excess oils from the skin,” Scarlett says.

Scarlett’s passion for skin care and her drive to create change in the skin industry prompted her to further study skin care science and formulation to help refine her knowledge and prompt her to expand her product range. Her passion for skincare has seen Scarlett recently travel internationally to spread her love for natural, mess free skin care. “I  just got back from New York after launching our two new products there and it was so interesting to see how much other countries love Australian products. It makes me really proud to call this place home.”

An important aspect to Scarlett’s brand is keeping the business grounded, where it all began. Scarlett’s manufacturing and product sourcing is done locally in Brisbane, to ensure Blackout Mask is close by and so that Scarlett can always keep a watchful eye over her creations. “I’m very lucky when it comes to my work as I have my own office and warehouse close by to where I live. Currently all of our products are manufactured in house, using only Australian sourced ingredients,” she says.

Scarlett’s journey from her bathroom four years ago represents how a single idea can transform into a vision that thousands across the globe can indulge in. Blackout Mask has just recently signed with an international agency and in the coming months, US retailer Anthropologie, will have Blackout Mask stocking their shelves.