Founded by producer Suzanne Stark and newsreader and journalist Jillian Whiting, Media Potential helps people become better communicators. Suzanne is a leading figure in network television, training the biggest names for more than 20 years and Jillian has worked across television, radio and print for 25 years.

Combining their skill sets and experiences, the duo give clients a better understanding of the ever changing media and communication industry landscape. “The business began as a unique training opportunity for people who were keen to build a career in the media. We would help them develop their on-camera skills and help them understand what it takes to be a great talent. We expanded to the corporate world after seeing that so many other businesses outside media wanted the same kind of skills for public speaking and presenting,” Suzanne said.

“With the rise of social media, it has become essential for all kinds of people to have great communication skills and develop their voice, confidence and overall style in a way that positively reflects their brand. It’s certainly a growing sector. Our priority is to take the fear out of presenting. Once you learn the processes, understand the rules of engagement it is not that scary.  There are a few tricks to the trade and once you know these it’s like riding a bike,”  she explained.

“Our skills complement each other perfectly. Her 25 years in television news, as well as her contributions to print and radio, have been invaluable for our clients. The industry changes so much and it’s important to have a journalist who is current to guide our clients through the pitfalls as well as positive media experiences. The other great thing is that Jill and I are great friends. She is so smart and has a wicked sense of humour and I’m lucky that I get to spend so much time with her,” Suzanne said.

The duo recently moved into a new office in West End, Brisbane. “For our business, it is a game changer. It is accessible for clients and there is a wonderful atmosphere. West End is so vibrant, and I feel like I’m in Melbourne again,” she said. Suzanne is proud to see women now dominating the industry. “When I first started at Channel 7 Brisbane in 1988, all the men were in the offices being Producers and Directors and the women were the secretaries,” she said.

She encourages all women to look into the growing media industry. “[The industry] is exciting and it’s addictive. You need to be resilient and ambitious, as well as have an innate interest in people and the broader world. There are still so many opportunities in media for young women with the right attitude and ability. We train a lot of women and my key message always is to ‘own it’ more. Men seem to do this very easily, but young women struggle,” she said.