Many would not believe that Rachael Finch was a tomboy growing up. She loved and played sports all her childhood life and even had a dream to compete at the Olympics. Today, the television personality, model, fashion designer, campaign ambassador and mother of twoย is a huge advocate for women, health and clothing.

She was discovered at the age of 15 when she entered a modelling competition and before she knew it, Rachael began travelling the world working as a model, winning the Miss Australia Competition. However, Rachael also recently shared that during her times as a young model, she struggled with her weight a lot and often felt like every meal was cheating. She was always insecure about the number on the scale and never felt her best. Today the 29 year old is confident with her body, strong, fit and happy.

As a busy mother of two, wife and entrepreneur, Rachael isย a certified health coach, personal trainer, founder of her own active wear range, B.O.D by Finch and online health and fitness program, Body by Finch. “I love discovering what makes me a better person and get more out of life. I get my happiness from helping others become better versions of themselves and find their inner happiness,” she said.

Being a fashion designer herself, she sees the importance of the longevity of clothing. Rachael is a campaign ambassador for the Lovables detergent’s new formula which takes better care of your clothing, making them last longer. She also believes in quality over quantity when it comes to her wardrobe and it is not always the newest threads that get her love.