Southern Cross University forensic scientist Dr Paula Hallam is set to present at the Summer Law School four-day intensive units. The units will highlight the changes and challenges confronting the legal world. The program is counted as Continuing Profession Development for legal practitioners and is ideal for students form a wide range of disciplines.

Hallam, who has worked on DNA for more than three decades, will be examining the finer points of DNA profiling and its use as evidence in Australian courts. “The idea behind this unit is to explore what happens when science collides with the legal system, including examples of what can happen when it all goes wrong,” said Hallam. Students will learn how DNA profiling is performed and explore the philosophical background to the science. Focusing on the Australian context, the course will study key cases where DNA has been utilised in court proceedings. The unit will also look at how developments may affect future civil and criminal court proceedings and evidence law generally.

Hallam has a Bachelor of Science with Honours from Kings College, London, a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from Southern Cross University and a PhD from the University of London. Hallam has worked with DNA for over 30 years and as a forensic scientist since 2002.

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