Sarah Turner is passionate about empowering women to authenticate their stories. In 2011, Turner created Dijolife to mentor women in guilt-free self care and boundary setting. Turner is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and female mindfulness and authenticity coach. With a passion for changing and empowering the discussion around female mental health, Dijolife has grown from teaching local women to 50,000 women globally.

Dijolife was born from Turner’s experience as a naval officer, having joined at 17. Turner served during the Gulf War and at 23 years old, was one of the youngest qualified female navigators in Australian naval history. During this time, Turner excelled as a leader during her naval career and held leadership positions. These included the coordination of international deployments and leading the Australian Border Force and search and rescue operations. Turner received the Hugh Pathard Memorial Award for excellence in leadership.

By the age of 30, Turner’s past trauma and high functioning anxiety were deeply impacting her professional life. Turner was no longer able to masquerade as perfect and in 2010, she was medically discharged from the military with PTSD, anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse. As she battled shame redundancy, addiction and debilitating anxiety, Turner’s mental health rapidly deteriorated. Being torn from the navy catalysed an identity crisis in a woman who most related to her career.

It was in this year that Turner fell pregnant with her first child. Turner made the brave decision to heal her past trauma and create a new future for her family. As the daughter of a Vietnam War veteran and the granddaughter of a World War II veteran, Turner understood the cyclical pattern of trauma. She was determined to not pass this legacy to her children. This began a journey that led to Turner becoming a qualified yoga instructor in 2012 and the founding of Dijolife. Turner used her scientific and leadership backgrounds to create a fresh and authentic approach to healing.

Dijolife is a blend of the names Dixie and Jordy, Turner’s children. The name acts as a reminder of what started her journey to becoming a mentor. Turner is passionate about helping women live free from anxiety and teaching how to find courage.

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