A dynamic female trio has collaborated to create a raunchy, irreverent play about what it is like to be a young woman in today’s fast paced world. Playwright Fiona Sprott, actress Sophia Haworth and Rogue Theatre founder Grace Elizabeth have brought their various talents to new production I Often Find That I am Naked.

The play, appearing at Black Bear Lodge in July, is a marathon run through of many types of men and scenarios and it is hilarious and cringing at the same time. Jezebel, played by Sophia Haworth is doing her best to get through them all and come out sane the other side. Sophia notes, “I have enjoyed being Jezebel and hope she find happiness in her life, though I am not sure I would like her if I met her on the street.”

Fiona Sprott the scriptwriter says, “I wrote this in 1995 as part of the Adelaide Festival. If the search for love, connections and acceptance within intimate relationships was challenging in the 90s, it feels downright fraught with danger today. I wanted to see a woman like me on stage. I wanted to be able to laugh together and feel the sadness of loneliness together in a comfortable, fun space. I wanted to tell it just like it is. I like a kind of rawness to my moments of honesty. Hence the title. It captures the essence of literally getting naked and being emotionally naked. I never saw Jezebel as seeking a man to complete her life. I saw her as wanting to understand love and being confused about why she couldn’t participate in in this great romantic comedy that we are all sold which is presented as “what we all want”. The real challenge for Jezebel is to understand how to truly love herself and to stop performing “womanhood” according to someone else’s script.”

And that is exactly Grace Elizabeth’s vision. To produce thought provoking plays in creative spaces around Brisbane. So come along, grab a cocktail from the bar and enjoy the show.

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