Brisbane-based artist Hannah Brontë will be featured at the 2018 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art. Presented by Performance Space and Carriageworks, audiences are invited to witness the power of a visionary future in Fempress: WISHWITCH.

Created by Brontë, this is a club night turned immersive installation celebrating women of colour. Drawing on First Nations cultural practices of empowerment and trance, this performance party will transport audiences to an alternate universe where societal structures are challenged and matriarchal futures are manifest. Blending hip hop, video art, installation and performance, Brontë places women on the mic, the decks and the dance floor.

Brontë completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture, at Queensland College of Art in 2013. Her works include body painting, photography, experimental video art, sound works and deconstructed banners. Recently her work has looked at natural fibres, specifically working with other worldly body adornment. Her other works examine female empowerment through distinguishing the new roles and expectations of young women today. She has explored the language in popular culture, hip-hop and slang regarding women. This research led to her graduate piece entitled Cuntmafia. This series is ongoing and she hopes to continue it internationally with other active female artists.

Since the first annual Liveworks in 2015, Peformance Space has become an internationally recognised hub for Australian and Asia Pacific arts practice. The 2018 Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art will be held in October at Carriageworks. It will feature some of the most groundbreaking artists of the present day like Brontë. Audiences are encouraged to attend and witness these artists reimagine culture and push boundaries.

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