Lifestyle Fix brings yoga and other meditation strategies into the workplace to tackle the stresses that come with the 9 to 5 grind. For founder June Chan, starting the business was all about getting back into the corporate world on her own terms.

June has been active since childhood, enjoying physical exercise subjects in school and winning more than 20 school sports medals. When at 15 June told her mum she wanted to be a sportswoman and did not get the support she wanted, June studied journalism instead. “I started with writing for children’s newspapers in Hong Kong, then I set up my own publishing house to run a free distribution food magazine, called Foodie,” she said. “I was 24 and didn’t realise how expensive it was to run my own magazine and after five months I ran out of money.” A failed attempt to find a partner to keep her business afloat took June to India on a healing journey.

“Those two weeks inspired me to do something that makes me happy every day,” she said. June became a full time yoga teacher and taught in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney before coming to Brisbane and starting Lifestyle Fix. She used to teach lunchtime classes in various companies and while doing so, realised a gap in how fitness providers run their business. “Most of the owners of these businesses are former instructors themselves, but they don’t really teach anymore,” she said. “I wanted to make a difference by being an owner who teaches the clients.” June is skilled in all of the five programs Lifestyle Fix offers which helps in fulfilling her vision. “I have no intention to add programs that I can’t teach myself because I believe that in order to run a successful business I have to be able to do what I am good at in the first place,” she said.

The Lifestyle Fix team consists of people June knows well and whose classes she has personally practiced and enjoyed. This is important to June as she says it builds healthy work relationships and distinguishes her business from others. She has also set up a campaign allowing Lifestyle Fix to give back to the community. “So far we donated to Assistance Dogs and The Big Issue and for this coming December, I have chosen Pets in the Park.”

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