Marie Fedorov is the Director and Founder of FEDOROV Family Lawyers and Family Mediation Station, two businesses that focus on out of court resolutions and making the divorce process as painless as possible.

Based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Marie built FEDOROV Family Lawyers in 2011 around the motto Life is Short. She created a law firm that aims to help every client move ahead with their lives, free of legal burdens. When asked about what inspired her Marie said, “I was seeing the same situation over and over – people going through the traditional family law process of endless negotiations  and numerous failed mediations.”

Family Mediation Station began in 2016, which was catapulted to success with a Divorce in a Day program, created to simplify and accelerate the divorce process. Marie understood the importance of mediation in offering a place for clients to ‘unpack’ emotions and justify their requests. “By developing the Divorce in a Day program, we can negotiate an agreement in the morning, draft up the documents they need on the same day, and make the agreement binding as soon as possible. It only costs $3000 per person, which pales in comparison to the five-figure fees set by the courts for traditional divorce proceedings.”

Marie is motivated every day by her clients. “The ultimate goal is to eliminate their heartache so that they can move on with their lives quickly. I really focus on empowering people so that they can make their own decisions when negotiating decisions… One of my old clients once approached me in tears, gave me a hug and thanked me for helping her through the most terrible stage of her life. She told me all about her new life, how great her kids were doing and how happy she was with her new partner. I knew I had made a difference, and it felt amazing.”

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