Marie Nakic is a determined Gold Coast businesswoman, proving gender is no barrier to being a market leader in the male-dominated building and construction industry. Nakic is the Founder and CEO of Pro2PAC. An Australian surface coatings company, that started in a small factory in 2005, it is now regarded as one of the nation’s leading commercial and residential surface coating specialists.

Nakic built her business through ”working with significant developers, builders, and cabinet makers, that’s where we cemented our reputation for quality and service.” She added, ”it has been an interesting evolution for the business. We once focused on finishing large, high-end luxury apartment buildings across eastern Australia. Over time, due to demand, we have expanded our services to facilitate home renovators and home-owners.”

Nakic believes her personal touch sets her company apart from their competitors. ”As one of the few women in the industry, I believe we offer a different perspective and clients really value our input on colour choices and actual finishes. It is so easy to bring warmth and texture into the home with the right finishes – that’s why we offer a wide range of options our clients can view from our showroom.”

Nakic is excited to see more women entering careers in technology, engineering, and construction, especially on the Gold Coast. “Naturally I work with many men in the building and construction industry, but I am thrilled to see more and more women joining us, and being successful. Also, I encourage my fellow businesswomen to think about how they can help generate local jobs so more quality professionals stay in the area. Having come from Sydney, I’ve really enjoyed settling into the Gold Coast lifestyle and I know what a great a place it can be to live and work in.”

Nakic attributes much of her success to genuinely understanding the industry in which she works. ”Know your business. If you know your business, then you can hold your own. That applies to any industry, be it in defense, retail, or on a building site. If you know your market, you will be able to adapt and respond to any changes.”

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