Based in Brisbane, mum of two, Elodie (COO) and William (CEO) are the proud co-founders of TyreStock. After five years of strong international presence in the tyre industry, Elodie and her husband William have targeted the Australian market with a disruptive and innovative approach.

Their start-up company TyreStock launched in October 2017. With 41 per cent of car accidents with physical injuries being linked to tyre problems and nine per cent of all road accidents involving fatalities being attributable to tyre failures, TyreStock is stepping into the industry with the main goal to raise the awareness of the importance of tyres.

TyreStock is the first Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) platform serving the professionals and educating consumers on how to take care of their tyres. TyreStock is made for the mechanical workshops and the team behind the scenes is serving the industry with a different approach. By aggregating the stock of multiple suppliers and offering an on-demand delivery service.

Together with their team of experts, strategic partnerships and some disruptive innovation, TyreStock will offer consumers a new tool called Snap&Fit allowing them to diagnose their tyres from the comfort of their phones. Elodie says part of the brands success is due to joining the popular Brisbane River City Labs Accelerator program, launched by Steve Baxter, Australian investor, entrepreneur and television personality appearing on Shark Tank. 

“This is the best place to build a company with big aims. You are confronted to high level profile entrepreneurs and mentors. We achieved in 6 months what we would have done in one year, if not more! Having the support of Steve and his network is priceless,” Elodie said.

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