Miss Grand Australia is one of the world’s fastest growing Australian beauty pageants. Miss Grand International (MGI) has now become one of the world’s leading international beauty pageants and one of the five Grand Slam Beauty Pageants along with Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Supranational. This pageant aims to make a stand for the betterment of humanity, by ensuring all entrants are passionate about humanity, well-spoken and gracious.

Miss Grand Australia has announced their nine feature finalists from Queensland that are off to Sydney to compete in the Australian national finals at the Sydney Sofitel Wentworth. Rachelle Seizovic, Anja Christoffersen, Sarika McIntosh, Chantelle Romeo, Taylor Marlene Curry, Tasia Hafenstein, Stacey de Plooy, Jamila Winter, and Hannah Howard have been hand-selected from a variety of entrants all across Queensland as the best of the best.

Twenty-year old Sarika McIntosh is an architect with a burning passion to create permanent, sustainable, affordable and culturally appropriate housing for those in developing countries. McIntosh firmly believes in the Stop the War and Violence campaigns as well as anti-bullying campaigns. She wishes to use her platform in Miss Grand Australia to become to face of victory against bullying and for further acknowledgment of global inequalities in the world today.

Rachelle Seizovic, 23, has always been passionate about helping others, and her degree in Biomedical Science has assisted her in helping the community lead healthier lives. Seizovic aims to use the platform to educate and empower young individuals.

Anja Christoffersen advocated for those with disabilities and chronic illness. entering Miss Grand Australia at 20-years-old with the intention to further her passion and broaden her platform, after feeling crippled by her own disability, to go out and follow their own passions and to be fearless.

Advocate for cultural diversity, Chantelle Romeo, entered Miss Grand Australia to reach out to the community, in the hope to assist non-for-profit organisation Destiny Rescue. She loves the empowering nature of the pageant and the opportunity to meet new like-minded women.

Taylor Marlene Curry is an individual who is passionate about her community and improving the lives of her clients and future patients. As a disability support worker for a not-for-profit organisation, Curry takes great pride in advocating for her clients’ welfare, rights, and independence. Miss Grand Australia provides a fantastic opportunity to meet intelligent, passionate woman from all walks of life across both Australia and the world.

Tasia Hafenstein, 20, joined the pageant to not only embrace who she really is but also to help others be more confident in themselves. Currently, she spreads positivity through her weekly vlogs.

Self Confessed adrenaline junky Stacey de Plooy, loves travelling and helping others through her career as a nurse. de Plooy joined Miss Grand Australia with the intention to meet others who also want to make the world a better place.

Twenty-one-year old Jamila Winter, is passionate about improving income inequality and the advancement of technology, with the intention of creating a positive lasting change in the community.

Hannah Howard, entered Miss Grand Australia to show her passion for criminal reform and share her interest in advocacy for the Stop the War and Violence campaign. Howard is also interested in sustainable fashion and hopes to explore these ideas further.

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