Arundhati Banerjee has become the first South Australian to be awarded the prestigious title of Miss Teen Diamond Australia 2019. Banerjee entered the beauty pageant to raise funds for her chosen charity, e.motion21.Β “I always had a yearning desire to make a difference and contribute to the society as an artist,” the awardee said.

Miss/Mr Diamond Australia sets itself out from other traditional pageants, by focusing on diversity and individuality, and creating a platform for people to spread awareness for particular causes. Banerjee believes these kinds of beauty competitions are important because they, “enable contestants from all age groups irrespective of age, ethnicity, size an opportunity to participate, represent and express themselves confidently. It gives an opportunity to voice one’s opinion for a cause close to the heart.”

For the South Australian, e.motion21 is a institution that she feels connected to. “Since my early years I have been passionate about performing arts and particularly dance. In dance I find a true integration of mind, body and soul.”

E.motion21 is a non-profit organisation that builds self-confidence and fitness or people with down syndrome through dance. “I strongly felt that by being the voice of these trendsetters from e. motion 21, I could challenge stereotypes and spread hope to many desirous hearts. Celebrating the freedom of expression irrespective of challenges, is the true essence of Art with a Heart.”

Banerjee also won the Supreme Talent title at the 2018 Glamourgenic Pageant, but this award has been her greatest success so far. “It has been a truly rewarding and blissful experience to win the prestigious title of Miss Teen Diamond Australia 2019.”

And she is already looking toward the future. “I look forward to being part of several community initiatives and charity organisations that make a difference in the lives of people be it health related issues, social issues and hunger, and also continue work for my chosen charity organisation e.motion21. I will continue being part of parades, national and international festivals and dance competitions, as it is important to getting out in the community as a titleholder.”

Banerjee will continue to spread the message among young aspiring individuals that beauty pageants like Miss/Mr Diamond Australia are truly beauty defined with a purpose.

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