Jodie Bache-McLean, Managing Director of Chic Management Brisbane and June Dally-Watkins (JDW) Education & Training, is devoted to helping people build confidence, self-esteem and develop their positive values in life.

At age 14, Jodie’s mother enrolled her in a personal development course, or as it was known the Beauty Workshop Course. From here, she began her career in modelling. That career was to continue for 40 years. “I stayed involved with JDW ever since, I finished the course, started modelling part-time, was trained as a trainee teacher and then started working as booker in the model agency when I was 22 years of age.”

Recently, Dallys Models, the model management arm of JDW, merged with international brand Chic Management. This saw Jodie add Director of Chic Management’s Brisbane operations to her already impressive resume. The diversity of Jodie’s role in JDW and Chic has satisfied her desire for not having a tedious office job. “No one day is ever the same, in one week I am lecturing at a boys school, then driving to ABC radio for an interview to talk about Modern Manners and either flying to Papua New Guinea to facilitate programs for the Prime Minister’s staff for the upcoming APEC meeting.” Jodie enjoys communicating with students, parents and corporate clients as well as guiding and encouraging all ages. “I can honestly say I love what I do even when the days can be challenging,” she said.

Working as a professional speaker, Jodie travels around the world and gains many invaluable, memorable and rewarding experiences in life. “I love my travel to Papua New Guinea and China, Vietnam has also been a favourite. My first international keynote was in Delhi in 2004 with the Meyhar Bhasin Academy. This was the turning point for me, I had the strongest realisation that I could be useful, helping others to succeed with what is an international issue – creating self- belief and self -confidence,” said Jodie.

Even though Jodie is now an independent and strong woman with integrity and confidence, she sometimes, like everybody else, doubts herself. “Changing the dialogue I had with myself was one of the first steps – learning to be kind to myself first and foremost – too often we are our own worst critic,” she said. Jodie believes in creating change, pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities to keep herself motivated and she encourages other young women to embrace positivity and practice gratitude. “This is my motto – be kind. Treat people well, practice good manners and consideration.”

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