Located on Latrobe Terrace, Westport & Lee Cafe is a haven for coffee and food connoisseurs alike and the Paddington cafe has just celebrated one of the most important events on their social calendar – Mother’s Day. Owned and operated by mother-daughter duo Stephanie and Hannah, Westport & Lee is nestled in a canopy of lush, native vegetation, boasting an attractive outdoor entertainment area complete with a timber deck, Tiki torches and an alluring white pergola for more private occasions.

Stephanie and Hannah have discovered how special a mother-daughter relationship can be through the journey of starting the humble cafe together. “Mother’s Day [was] a tribute to our Mumma Westport and also a time to celebrate Mother’s Day surrounded by those who wish to show just how special all the mums out there are to us,” they said.

The family atmosphere continues in the cafe, as large tables are flanked by a sea of white umbrellas and customers can enjoy the fresh air and warm company in any type of weather. The other two dining areas comprise of the main cafe and a sun room, allowing customers to sprawl throughout the space as if it were their own peaceful retreat.

Westport & Lee’s menu is equally as enticing as the easygoing atmosphere. What makes Westport & Lee so singular however, is its penchant for in-house innovations. The lunch menu is reigned over by the dijon herb crusted salmon, which is seasoned with a medley of fresh herbs, Dijon, ancient grains and served with butter almond sauteed greens and lemon and dill cream.

The drinks menu is diverse and colourful, featuring everything from coffees and sundae shakes to bottled beers and Bloody Marys. Located in the heart of Paddington’s bustling food district, Westport & Lee is the perfect retreat for those craving wonderful service and an unforgettable time with friends and family.