Mums Driver is a local Gold Coast based ride-share service for families who need safe and reliable transport for their kids. As a business, it is recognised for being an affordable and accessible option for parents to rely on, when they are unable to drop their kids at after school activities or during the holidays.

Kailene Squire is a positive and motivated step-mum, and the creator behind Mums Driver. With her genuine passion to help fellow parents on the Gold Coast, Squire created the startup designed to help local families by providing children with a lift when their parents or carers are working or busy. “I wanted to help parents and get their kids from point A to B safely and securely when they couldn’t be there themselves,” she said

Being a step-mum, Squire knows first-hand how it can be a struggle to manage the schedules of family members. Between before-school activities, musical practice, sports training, after-school rehearsal and extra-curricular clubs, it can be exhausting coordinating for the average family, especially when you are juggling family and a career. Safety is also a priority for every parent and carer, which is why every driver in Mums Driver has a blue card, and all vehicles are fitted with dashboard cameras for extra security.

Squire is an entrepreneur at heart. Prioritising networking, upskilling and personal branding, she uses a wealth of knowledge to set her on the right path for every new business venture. “You can never stop learning and this goes for both you and your staff, there is always a new or different way to do something, so keep on top of it.”

Squire takes inspiration from many successful women, but particularly looks to the founder of Boost for ideas. “Janine Allis not only runs highly successful businesses but is still prepared to give time to mentor others. I really like her ideals and the way she operates.” Priding herself on the quality service offered by Mums Driver, Squire said, “I am really proud of the business and the people I have working with me who are all really dedicated and enthusiastic about providing an exceptional transport choice for families and their children.”

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