It is said that good art has elements of the artist embedded within it. Leah Desborough is one of Brisbane’s most talented photographers, in high demand for portraits, media shoots, event coverage, and well, just about any type of photo needed.

Across her wide portfolio, Leah’s work demonstrates fun, elegance and professionalism, three words that could also be used to describe her. Starting her career as Chief Photographer for Brisbane News, it was Leah’s role to document anything and everything happening in Brisbane which lead to her diverse repertoire. “I love shooting portraits, personal and business branding to help create people’s unique ‘identity’ and visually communicate their message across their websites and marketing material. Plus, I really love sinking my teeth into architecture and interiors, hotels and commercial work that is more a male dominated arena,” Leah said.

The ability to calm her clients nerves is one that Leah is well known for. “The first thing most people say to me is ‘I hate having my photo taken’… So it’s my job to make them feel at ease and make the whole experience fun,” she said. “I would never just shove my camera in someone’s face and expect them to smile or relax straight away. So I chat, find common ground, love a bit of self-deprecating humor and generally talk them through the whole process and never leave them hanging not knowing what to do!”

When Leah meets the challenges of photography, she finds strength in her family and friends. “Photography for me, has never been a Monday to Friday nine to five job and I need to be flexible for my clients requirements, that rarely fits into that time slot. When you are not creating beautiful light, it happens naturally at dawn and dusk in the Golden Hours – and I can honestly say I’m not a morning person!’

With the beautiful, flawless images that Leah curates, it can be hard to imagine a phone full of silly photos. Leah’s family photos must be of stellar quality- her carefree memories captured with a photographers eye. “I am just as particular with capture, posing, light and editing on my iPhone as I am with my ‘proper’ camera. I love it though – life is too short; I snap unguarded moments, personalities of family and friends and life experiences.”