Critically-acclaimed Spanish director Gracia Querejeta will make a splash with her return to the Spanish Film Festival with her romping comedy-thriller, Crime Waves, opening on Wednesday 24 April.

Born in Madrid in 1962 the 56-year old Querejeta had a number of successes throughout her distinguished career. One of her stand out successes is the 2004 film Héctor which won best film at the prestigious Malaga Film Festival in 2004.

Her new film stars some of Spain’s best actors and actresses, including Maribel Verdú, Javier Cámara and Luis Tosar. Leyre (Verdú) is a well-to-do woman who has always had an easy life of privilege. That is, until the day her teenage son kills her ex-husband in a senseless fit of rage. Completely out of her depth and desperate to protect her only son, Leyre tries a series of outlandish methods to conceal the crime from the police. Things really start to unravel when her sick mother and a lovesick friend of her son’s decide to lend their helping hand, unleashing a series of hysterical and catastrophic events.

Querejeta’s previous films Happy 140 and 15 Years + 1 Day, have been popular at festivals in the past. It is expected that this year will be no exception for Querejeta, with Crime Wave showcasing her trade mark wicked and off-beat sense of humour at its very best.

The Spanish Film Festival will run Wednesday 24 April to Wednesday 15 May.

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