Chelsey Quartermain is not who many people would picture at the helm of a prop-tech company that is shaking up the real estate industry. But after only a year as General Manager of Houseandland that is exactly what she has done, invigorating the company to create world-first technology and develop partnerships with leading property groups and builders that is changing the way people buy house and land.

“What really inspired me by coming into this business was providing real-time solutions to an industry that has lagged behind in the technology front,” Chelsey said. “This industry can literally fuel an economy, so by making it more accessible is a win, win for everyone involved; from developers to builders, agents and consumers who have more choice at their fingertips. I saw Houseandland as being that authentic tool that could really shift the way consumers search and buy house and land.”

Houseandland utilises an algorithm creating the perfect house and land match for consumers. “In Australia there is often a reluctance for change, so being able to offer something that is incredibly affordable and simple that can create such a big impact is incredibly rewarding. From an innovation point of view, we are taking complex technology and making it incredibly simple.”

Chelsey’s ride to Houseandland has not always been smooth sailing. Forced to quit school early due to her mother’s health, she studied graphic design whilst working in real estate. It was there she discovered her aptitude for business development and technology, skills which saw her find success overseas before returning home to shake up the real estate industry. This was acknowledged at the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s recent awards recognising Women in Leadership. “These awards have really opened my eyes to the amazing women in this industry and the opportunity for equality, this is an industry that is governed by women as the predominant consumers, but there is perception that it is run only by men.”

Chelsey said she now feels part of her role as Houseandland’s GM is to encourage more women into the industry. “As women we already face challenges because of our gender I believe it’s important to not let this define any career goals. I enjoy the fact that I don’t necessarily look or sound like the kind of person you would picture at the helm of a prop-tech company that’s shaking up the real estate industry. It’s often a surprise for the men sitting around the table when I walk in, but by the end of the meeting they very much understand the value in what Houseandland can offer.”

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