Back in 1994 when skincare specialist Amanda Redwood of Vital Skin Care opened her first non-surgical cosmetic treatment clinic in Western Australia, very few people were happy to admit they were having treatments – even to their closest friends. “In the beginning, customers would arrive in large hats, sunglasses and hide in treatment rooms if they heard someone else arriving,” said Amanda.

Fast forward 25 years and the landscape has changed considerably. Now people are happy to share their before and after photos to hundreds of people and trying the latest anti-ageing treatments is something to celebrate not hide. The options have also evolved with dozens of new treatments and products available.

For Amanda, the shift to effective “at home” treatments is the most exciting. “Previously the most effective treatments and products were only available in salons and the price tag often put customers off. Now the range of options for use at home is really growing and affordable for more people,” Amanda explained. “Our company, Vital Skin Care, has had great success with products such as The Eyelift Kit and Paraffin Gloves – both designed to give effective, professional quality results in the comfort of your own home. Our customers love the convenience of having the products delivered with free postage and also saving time by not spending hours in a salon.”

As to the future of the industry Amanda sees a growing emphasis in products that give visible results in a short amount of time “The demand for products that can be seen to be working quickly is certainly increasing – customers want to see results and be sure that the product is working rather than waiting for months in hope of improvement.”

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