While working in the advertising industry for several years, Gemma Renton noticed some disturbing trends. In agencies both big and small, a ‘senior employee’ was someone who had lasted only 12 months.

It seemed that employees were always overloaded with too many accounts, productivity suffered, clients were unhappy, and staff turnover was extremely high. Some agencies tried creating funky workplaces with pool tables and bean bag chairs; but that did not solve the problem.

Burning out herself, Gemma sensed a better way and began Vine Street Digital. The company built its range of PPC management services on foundations of complete transparency, honesty, and accountability. These values have allowed Vine Street Digital to deliver a quality of service well above industry standards. But the agency’s true point of difference stems from their non-traditional workplace.

All employees choose where and when they work. The freedom and flexibility promotes productivity amongst staff and addresses the modern problems of burnout and high employee turnover. Most importantly, it creates an inclusive and accessible environment where staff can design their own lifestyle.

Vine Street Digital was recently a finalist in the Women in Technology Awards for Small Business Employer of Choice. Gemma has also recently been recognised in the Women In Technology Awards as a finalist in the Entrepreneur category, and a Women in Business Awards Finalist for Greater Brisbane Woman in Business of the Year.

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