While a kiss on the hand may be quite continental (according to Marilyn Monroe, at least), diamonds truly are Shweta Khan’s best friend. Born in India and having made her home in Australia, Shweta Khan has spent years of dedicated work in the diamond business.

Shweta’s work ethic and high standard of professionalism is a result of more than 20 years of experience in grading, sorting and managing a jewellery enterprise, as well as a personal passion for beautiful and unique jewellery. It was through this balance of personal drive and professional expertise that she created Starfire Diamond Jewellery, located in the popular Oxford Street shopping strip at Bulimba in Brisbane.

Shweta’s jewels run the gamut, offering a vast array of splendid pieces, many of which are reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. One would also be able to find more stated and simple works, and if nothing is quite right for you, Shweta offers expert custom creations as well. It is apparent that education is very important to Shweta, as just a cursory glance at Starfire Diamond Jewellery’s website reveals an education section, listing comprehensive articles about all the facets of diamond characteristics, metals and expert advice.

Her Indian heritage is also notably present in her jewels, as seen in the Starfire Diamond Jewellery collection which reflects the rich and vibrant culture of India and the natural beauty of Australia. Marking her fourth year in retail, Shweta is developing a new design range based on some of her favourite gemstones, along with an ‘alphabet’ collection which will be available online. Shweta has also been sharing her knowledge about business and entrepreneurship through her involvement in Women’s Network Australia (WNA).

Women’s Network Australia is an inspiring network of female business owners and working professionals, all of whom come from a vast range of backgrounds and industries. WNA seeks to empower female entrepreneurship, and offers programmes such as mentorships and networking opportunities.

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