Luxury bag brand Avery Verse may have cracked the code on how to achieve eco-friendly, sustainable luxury. Christie Cook, the founder and director, launched the company with her husband Taylor in 2016. Their shared passion for entrepreneurship and fashion merged seamlessly to create the eco-friendly brand.

The company uses ethically-sourced Italian vegetable tanned leather instead of traditional animal hide. Christie says vegetable tanning is a 6000 year old artisanal process that takes far longer than traditional methods, but the effect it produces is unique and distinct. The touch, the feel and the smell are all excellent and the material ages beautifully. Importantly for Christie, it has minimal effect on the environment. Unlike the traditional methods, which use carcinogenic materials that produce environmentally damaging emissions, Avery Verse only uses natural materials like fruits and barks.

Proceeds from every sale are donated to charities with proven social and environmental transformation. For 2018, their charity partner is A focus on sustainability does not detract from the quality of the products. Each bag in the collection takes more than 24 hours for the master craftsmen to cut and stitch by hand. It is little wonder why the brand was featured in New York Fashion Week’s Fashion Palette showcase.

Avery Verse is a modern, luxury brand that understands the importance of sustainability. Not just environmentally, but generationally. The bags are designed to be passed down, from mother to child, and enjoyed throughout the decades. As time goes on, the leather will become softer and suppler, a marker of their origin.

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