Zoe Buckley, a former teacher turned tutor, is passionate about teaching children more about Australia.  As a tutor at Learning Boosters, Zoe’s passion for tutoring began after she saw the impact being tutored had on her and how valuable the experience can be.

While already a best selling author, Zoe Buckley’s new book, Lost in Australia is an interactive and fun read that takes kids on a journey, to show them how exciting learning about the country they live in can be.

The motivation behind “Lost in Australia” stems from both Zoe’s teaching and tutor experiences where she is often told by parents that their child is unaware of which direction the Great Barrier Reef is located or where the Nullarbor Plains is.  With many schools choosing not to teach geography, Zoe’s concern lies in the idea that children are losing the opportunity to understand and explore Australia.

Passion and dedication are at the heart of Zoe Buckley’s work.  Dedicating herself and her time to helping both children and adults, Zoe is passionate about ensuring those who need her help reach their full potential. Through her book Lost in Australia, Zoe strives to take children on a journey to explore Australia, and her desire to do so is inspiring.  With interactive components such as word searches, flags and maps, Lost in Australia is set to inspire kids, and make learning about their home fun.

A crowdfunding website was set up to fund publication and assist in bringing Zoe’s book to life. To assist in the publication of Lost in Australia, donate here.

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