Saf Organics founder and low-tox living enthusiast Tegiye Mimi-Ozalp is releasing a new facial skincare range, inspired by Aboriginal bush medicines.

But the journey to creating the Saf Organics brand started four years ago with just a humble five dollar note. “I was triggered after I used a spray deodorant on my arm pits, and then breastfed my child straight afterwards. They were breathing in the fumes I just sprayed. That moment is what started everything.”

She set about creating a 100 per cent natural deodorant, experimenting with ingredients in her kitchen at home. At that time, there weren’t many natural products on the market. As a stay-at-home-mum on a single income, dipping into her family’s savings to start a business wasn’t an option. “Every time I grabbed myself a coffee, I’d take the five dollar note change. I cleared out the house and sold things we no longer needed, for five dollars,” Ms Mimi-Ozalp said. “I collected five dollar notes for months. And then I ended up with $1500. It was enough to start the website and have my labels designed and buy enough for 500 products. Once I launched, I sold all units in the first month.”

Now with four children in tow and an award-winning skincare brand to her name, she is gearing up to launch a new facial skincare range inspired by Indigenous Australian bush medicines. Simple and effective, the range includes a cleanser, moisturiser, vitamin C serum, sleep mask and eye cream. The inspiration behind this range came when Tegiye and her family packed up their lives into a caravan and road-tripped around the country during covid. “We got to Outback Australia and on an Indigenous tour, we realised that everything we see as weeds, is actually bush medicine and has so many healing properties.”

All products are low-tox, plant-based, Australian owned and made, 100 per cent organic and cruelty-free. Saf Organics has won five low-tox awards, and now financially supports her entire family, with her husband resigning from his job to join the business. It’s designed for the whole family, elegant enough to look nice by the bathroom sink, but gentle enough to use on babies and children. Saf Organics facial skincare range officially launched on 23 March 2023.

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