Property group Charter Hall has partnered with social enterprise Two Good to provide 20,000 meals to domestic violence survivors throughout Australia. From 27 June to 14 July 2018, Charter Hall, in partnership with the communities in which they operate, is “Delivering Good” across 26 of its shopping centres, and raising awareness about family and domestic violence.

As part of this campaign – Two Good’s biggest donation to date – Charter Hall will provide meals to women and children in refuges nationwide. Giant jigsaw puzzle frames will be set up in participating centres with shoppers encouraged to play their part by adding their piece to the puzzle. The puzzle-building process symbolises domestic violence survivors rebuilding their lives and the role the community can play. With every piece put into its place, a Two Good meal will be donated to a nearby shelter.

Greg Chubb, CEO Charter Hall Retail is happy that the company is giving back. “We are delighted and privileged to partner with Two Good to deliver this campaign. One in four women in Australia experience domestic violence at some point, and many of them end up in refuges whilst they work through this very challenging time in their lives. Two Good is doing extraordinary work in supporting these shelters and the women in them, and Charter Hall is honoured to be able to support Two Good to reach into regional Australia. We are also grateful that both Neil Perry and Maggie Beer are supporting us in delivering this important donation.”

Shoppers who get involved in-centre and choose a golden puzzle piece at random will also receive a cookbook, dining experience or fresh food voucher. Two Good Founder Rob Caslick is motivated to provide a necessary contribution to the women and children who find themselves in domestic violence shelters. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Charter Hall Retail to raise the awareness of domestic violence in regional areas, and to take our message and work beyond Australia’s largest cities. The 20,000 meals funded by the Delivering Good campaign will go directly to shelters and refuges close to those centres. It is incredibly important for Charter Hall to support the local communities in which they operate and to connect with and provide a positive benefit for those communities,” Mr Caslick says.

Since Two Good began its work in late 2016, the organisation has delivered more than 40,000 meals to refuges and shelters, and has established a kitchen in Sydney where domestic violence survivors can train for jobs in hospitality.

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