The achievements and celebrations of women and girls across Queensland and Papua New Guinea will be saluted through two exhibitions made possible by WOW (Women of the World) Australia and exhibited at the Brisbane Powerhouse from May 25 to June 25.

In Her Name’is a photography series exclusively shot by women in Queensland, and the m e r i project exhibition which features a collection of photographs and stories told by Papua New Guinean women.

WOW is welcoming people of all ages, nationalities and abilities to attend the two bold, enticing and thought-provoking photogenic exhibitions showcasing women’s voices and perspectives. Both exhibitions will feature images of women and girls, many of whom will have participated in WOW Festivals and are leaders in their fields, professions or in their community.

The In Her Name Exhibition pays tribute to the lives of women and girls from the locations where  WOW Australia festivals have taken place over the last two years – Charleville, Longreach, Cairns, Logan and Brisbane – and reflects on the extraordinary leadership and personal contribution from women in these communities. Curated by Jody Haines, In Her Name includes work by photographers Cristina Bevilacqua, Tatenda Dhobha, Katrina Lehmann, and Mana Salsali.

The m e r i project by Wendy Mocke features a collection of photographs and stories told by Papua New Guinean women, with each image detailing themes surrounding Black womanhood, cultural identity, and their fight to embrace what is possible. The collage of images and content aims to challenge the western gaze and bring forth the full breadth and complexity of the Melanesian woman. This was first presented by Northsite Contemporary Arts gallery within Bulmba-ja Arts Centre.

The exhibitions will prelude the WOW Logan Festival in July, which is the third event in WOW Australia’s 2022 regional program line-up following Longreach and Cairns. Featuring in the exhibition photography will be inspirational figures from across business, finance, politics, and society, many of whom participated in previous WOW Australia festivals. They will include Queensland’s Attorney-General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Women and Minister for the prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Shannon Fentiman; First Nation Leaders Jackie Huggins and Henrietta Marrie AM; Queensland First Nation artists Anpanuwa ‘Joyce’ Crombie and Paul Punda ‘Jean’ Barr-Crombie who brought to life models and designers from Red Ridge the Label; Cairns-born Pop and R&B singer Naomi Wenitong; Queensland Rural Ambassador Teri Somerfield; Mt Tabor Station Manager, proud Bidjara woman and author Keelen Mailman; ex-registered nurse and author Annabelle Brayley; professor, doctor and reproductive rights activist Caroline de Costa; former Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp; and founder of Sisters Inside Deb Kilroy – all individuals who have advocated for women and all human rights and extensively contributed to the wider Australian community.

Global Advisor for the WOW Foundation and Executive Producer of WOW Australia, Cathy Hunt, said the exhibitions will acknowledge the challenges regional and metropolitan Australian women face in all facets of life, simply by placing them in front of the lens. “This is the second time we’ve held exhibitions like this at the Brisbane Powerhouse, and we are so excited to invite guests and artists to come together and share their stories and ideas face-to-face,” Ms Hunt said.

“The photographers and curator have come together to develop an awe-inspiring array of images and stories, and in doing so have put the perspective of the female gaze first and foremost. The exhibition gives spectators a chance to think about the wonderful achievements of so many women and girls across Queensland.”

The WOW movement aims to create a more gender equal society by finding solutions to the issues women and girls face today. WOW Festivals and events have now taken place in more than 30 locations on six continents, presented in partnership with UK charity The WOW Foundation, whose director Jude Kelly CBE founded WOW in 2008 and launched the first WOW Festival in 2010.

View all photographers and the programs for both exhibitions here

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