Beth Mooney has been one of the most interesting breakout stars of Australian cricket in recent years. Renowned for her batting ability, Beth’s cricket legacy is already forming, punctuated by a record breaking century that she scored in a Twenty20 international against England last summer.

Beth’s drive and determination are what sets her apart from her competition. After being told time and time again she was not good enough, and almost abandoning her cricket career altogether, she has since transformed into one of the most important players in the Women’s Big Bash League. “I’ve loved any sport since I can remember. I used to be outside until after dark playing any sport I could and watching it on TV as well,” Beth said. “I first discovered my real passion for cricket when I was 11 and made my first representative team, and it kind of snowballed from there. I watched the test matches on TV, played for any team who would have me and trialed for every team I could.”

Now, more than a decade later, and representing Australia on the world stage, she says she takes a more level-headed approach to cricket. “There are so many emotions you can feel in a game, in a week of training and of course in a whole season so I try not to get too ahead of myself.” Although she did reveal that life as a professional athlete is as exhausting as it is exhilarating. “It’s a genuine roller coaster of emotions. There are so many good days and every now and then there are some not so great ones”. Not one to feel sorry for herself, Beth has taken an active approach to deal with these negative emotions.  “I’m lucky enough to have people around me who challenge my thinking in cricket and outside of it so I approach every day like that, being comfortable is how I would describe it!”

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