High Tea With Harriet has won four Golden Leaf Awards at the 2018 Australian International Tea Expo. Founded and directed by Amy McCaffery, the brand had wins in both black and green tea categories.

Launched in 2013, the Melbourne based artisanal tea company won bronze, silver and gold awards at the International Tea Expo. “We’re honoured that our teas are recognised and we’re thrilled to represent Australian family-owned businesses,” says Amy. “We launched High Tea With Harriet with the aim of creating a range of premium quality teas, designed especially for tea lovers. After years of frustration with the quality of tea service in cafes and restaurants, we are very proud to make premium loose leaf tea more accessible across Australia and beyond.”

Since starting, the business has expanded rapidly and now produces more than 20 varieties of tea including black, green, white, herbal, fruit and chai teas. A Gold Award was given to Melbourne Moments, a creamy chocolate caramel black tea. The company’s Early Grey won the Silver Award for its black tea with exquisite bergamot orange flavour, and Bronze Awards were received for Elevenses, a bold and velvety Irish breakfast tea, and Rising Sun, a Chinese Sencha green tea with delicate fruit flavours. The award-winning, loose-leaf tea range can now be savoured at tea-loving cafes, restaurants and tea rooms throughout Australia.

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