When mother of two Heidi Conway was informed her sons were struggling with academia at school, she boldly left her six-figure corporate role to homeschool her children. What was only meant to last for seven months of building confidence, resilience, and a willingness to learn, transformed into certainty that education is meant to be enjoyed, which she discovered using her purpose-based approach.

Learning how to teach her sons efficiently and effectively evolved into a new business for Heidi – ChangeMaker Mums. Using her skills from tapping into the learnings from homeschooling and her purpose as a holistic coach trainer, she developed coaching and training programs for both the home and traditional schooling parent to overcome education hurdles and challenges. The programs allow for Heidi to help the education within families so that learning and earning occurs with ease.

“My journey in business was born from three things – necessity, witnessing what is, (and albeit being grateful) and knowing I wanted more for my family. I never imagined homeschooling my children. What I did often imagine was my children would be happy, kind, resilient and confident. I imagined them thriving when learning, and feeling fulfilled when going to sleep, both now, and as adults,” she said.

This year mumpreneur Heidi underwent a major pivot in her business direction in turn for her to reach more people. “I found I could only reach a limited number of people with this business model. By creating three programs, I can help more people. I’ve built a new website, Facebook page and about to launch a membership site where mums can feel safe to share their challenges and discover, create and live life with radical ease,” she said.

“I love the sheer pleasure of being creative in my home environment, surrounded by my family. Because my children are homeschooled, they watch how my husband and I show up … they’re learning all the time how to build relationships,” she concluded.

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